Execution Trader - Boutique Quant Hedge Fund – 55-75k base + bonus – Flexible working schedule!

Location: London   Sectors Operations  

A boutique hedge fund, with a history of strong performance and innovative trading ideas, are looking to hire a new trader.

The existing trader has moved internally into a senior management role, so this is a backfill. The ‘Execution Trader’ will carry great responsibility, running a broad remit:

*Trading – the hire will trade the S&P close. You should be in the office to run this responsibility daily, however we can offer a flexible working day to complete other tasks (you are in control of your daily schedule).

*Operations – You will book/process trades and run P&L reports/analysis.

*Research – This will be qualitative analysis, acting as support to the main investment professionals at the firm.

A strong academic profile is required. We are open to looking at existing traders, very bright hedge fund TA/Ops people looking for a step up (PREFERRED), or even a newly qualified PhD candidate. Coding skills are not required, but they could be useful.

We prefer a junior person to step up into the role, but a 55-75k base salary is available to attract the best quality candidate. An attractive bonus component can make this a six-figure role.