Team lift outs, corporate acquisition and market intelligence

Our practice provides advisory services, which range from acquisition, new products and teams, business intelligence, peer group compensation analysis and asset introduction.


We provide our clients, which range from UHNW individuals to institutions, with access to off market opportunities to acquire GP stakes in alternative businesses across the strategy spectrum. Because of our longstanding relationships we are able to discretely market acquisition mandates from both buyers & sellers.

New Products and Teams

Our clients are often interested in commercial opportunities which give them access to new products and markets. We advise our clients on what direction their next step will be, operating across strategies allows us a bird’s eye view on what the next trend will be. Beyond identifying the opportunity we are also able to execute via team lift outs or platform creation and acquisitions.

Compensation Analysis

We annually provide our clients with current and predictive compensation surveys which capture the alternatives space. We are also regularly commissioned to provide bespoke compensation surveys to benchmark against immediate peers. Our surveys don’t just provide the current and predicted remuneration details, we also provide comprehensive analysis of the factors contributing the data.

Asset Introduction

We offer our clients introductions to UHNW individuals and institutions who seek to place assets with alternative platforms. We also offer our clients access to our network of third party asset raising consultants.

Business Intelligence

Context provides not only an opportunity for our clients to benchmark their own business but also to understand where the next opportunity to develop their business and their own talent base is going to come from. The ability to understand how peers are navigating the current market and regulatory environment allows our clients to reduce costs and efficiently implement course corrections.