Our practice focuses on identifying and delivering human capital who directly generate revenue or develop new strategies for our buy side client base.

The team at Mondrian Alpha primarily supports buy side institutions and investment banks. Our credit desk consults on hires across sales & trading / portfolio management / origination & structuring / fundamental & quantitative credit research.

Our Expertise Covers:

  • High Yield & Leveraged Finance
  • Securitised Products - Structured Credit & ABS
  • Direct Lending & Mezzanine Finance
  • Illiquid Credit Opportunities
  • Asset Backed Finance
  • Credit Correlation Trading
  • Regulatory Capital Trading
Case Study

A publicly listed principal investment firm, based in Abu Dhabi, were looking to hire an analyst to join their growing private debt business.

The firm was specifically looking for an Arabic speaker with leveraged finance experience in London or New York. Although this is a very rare set of skills, owing to the extensive research we do, we were able to provide the client with a long and short list solution. During our process we filtered the candidates through a mixture of technical and motivational questions.

Through our in-depth knowledge of the business and our thorough understanding of the market, we were able to effectively deliver on the mandate.

Mondrian Alpha's distressed desk primarily supports private equity, credit funds and investment banks. Our distressed / NPL team works globally.

Our Expertise Covers:

  • Corporate / Consumer / Real Estate
  • Distressed Bonds, Loans, Equity
  • NPL Origination, Analysis, Trading and Sales
  • Event Driven Special Situations
  • Whole Loan & structured Finance Trades
  • Non-Performing Loan Portfolio Investment
Case Study

A boutique US based distressed debt fund was looking increase their exposure to European distressed debt. The mandate was based on a senior pan-European analyst with multiple language skills that was willing to relocate to New York but the client would only consider candidates that had previously worked for another US headquartered distressed fund.

When meeting with the client we talked through all of the options in the European market that met this criteria on paper. Before going to market with the role, we discussed how opening the position up to candidates that had broader credit experience from within a European credit shop (that still have US investment banking experience) may actually provide them with more of the all-round experience that they were looking for. This meant it wasn’t necessary to limit their options to a small sample of relatively difficult and expensive to move analysts based in London.

The client ended up interviewing eight candidates; six from US distressed shops and two from European credit shops. Whilst progressing through the rounds, the client decided that the two candidates from the European shop had the strongest all-round skillset. In the end, a highly academic credit specialist with a few years of US banking experience and few years of rounded credit experience was chosen. The fund has now doubled its exposure to European distressed debt.

The team at Mondrian Alpha provide support to private equity, growth equity and venture capital firms as well as investment banks, corporate finance advisory boutiques and corporate M&A teams across the private equity and investment banking spaces.

Our Expertise Covers:

  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Private Equity (Direct and Co-Investment)
  • Secondaries
  • Growth Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Corporate M&A

The team at Mondrian Alpha provide support to public equity managers and funds across both research and portfolio management. Clients include hedge funds, boutique equity managers, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and traditional asset managers.

Our expertise covers:

  • Growth funds
  • Value funds
  • Index funds and ETFs
  • Emerging markets
  • Event driven funds
  • Activist funds
Case Study

A European equity hedge fund, with a long history of steady levels of AUM, were investigating how to grow their assets to allow the business to remain profitable due to the fixed costs of running a modern day fund manager continuing to rise. They were aware of the need to raise more assets from European investors but were conscious of not cannibalising their flagship offshore fund by creating a mirrored UCITS fund with better liquidity terms.

We discussed with the client how the addition of another portfolio manager with a purely European focus could allow them to run a separate UCITS fund with a separate product. This fund would have a more European focus than the flagship fund whilst also having the liquidity required for UCITS. They would still be able to incorporate a lot of the more liquid positions from the flagship fund into the UCITS fund, being differentiated enough to provide different liquidity terms whilst also allowing for certain positions to be taken in both funds.

We presented the client with a shortlist of five candidates that all met their important cultural considerations whilst also having strong demonstrable track records that would allow them to carry weight when raising assets from European investors. The client hired one of the portfolio managers and is now currently running over $600m in the UCITS fund with a little over a year of track record.

Our Quantitative practice works with buy side institutions and investment banks. We apply our research and search techniques across discretionary and systematic global macro funds and investment bank derivatives trading desks.

Our expertise across all asset classes covers:

  • Quantitative Strategist
  • Quantitative Trader
  • Quantitative Research
  • Quantitative Developer
Case Study:

A newly launched hedge fund in Mayfair, London engaged us to hire a high calibre Quantitative Analyst to join their high-profile business.

The client had hired a senior quant developer from a rival hedge fund who had experience of working with our “practice lead” in his previous firm. They had successfully built the foundations of the team whilst the firm was still a family office before launching as a hedge fund.

The requirement was for an ambitious Quantitative Analyst with strong development skills along with product and modelling knowledge across fixed income. The client felt it was likely that the right candidate would be working for one of the investment banks.

With our extensive mapping of the derivative quant teams across the banks we were able to quickly identify the source groups and draw up a long list. Through detailed conversations with potential candidates on the list we produced an analysis for the client.

During the interview process two candidates stood out technically. Through diligent debriefing with the candidates on our side we had identified their key drivers and advised the client on who we felt was the right individual to make an offer to.

Following the successful execution of the mandate the candidate has been instrumental in building the pricing and risk management platform for the fund which has enabled them to offer their clients a balanced and diversified investment opportunity.

Our real estate practice targets buy side organisations; institutional investors, SWFs, hedge funds, private equity firms and investment banks. Our practice operates globally.

Our Expertise Covers:

  • Private Equity Acquisitions & Asset Management
  • CRE Finance (Senior, Mezzanine, CMBS)
  • Loan Servicing, Portfolio Management, Restructuring
  • NPL Investment
  • Investment Banking, Advisory, M&A
Case Study

After a successful period of capital raising a UK based real estate debt fund engaged us to find an Originator for a large ticket UK debt mandate. We had previously worked with this client on a hire for an Asset Manager three years prior. Having been successful on the prior mandate the client reengaged us..

This was an interesting opportunity with a lot of dry powder for the successful candidate however, the business was looking to hire nine months into the typical bonus cycle. This could significantly lower the successful candidate’s earnings for the year. From our research we knew that historically this business hired predominantly from the Sell Side. However, they did not have the network to engage or asses the abilities of the current pool of sell side candidates. They required our knowledge of suitable candidates in this space. This is a typical mandate on the Real Estate desk and having successfully completed a mandate a few months prior for another client we were well placed to update them on current team structures and potential candidates for this role from both the sell and buy side.

Initially, the business did not think they could attract someone from the buy side considering the time of year and compensation structure. Through our network and market maps we were able to present the client with suitable buy and sell side candidates. We helped the Client hire an Originator from another debt fund who had executed on a very similar mandate. Acting between both parties we brokered a suitable deal for the candidate to move late in the bonus cycle. The candidate was able to move quickly and help the business deploy the capital.

The team at Mondrian Alpha is recognised as a market leader in developing and supporting specialist teams with non financial arbitrage skill sets.

Our Expertise Covers:

  • Corporate Derivatives groups
  • Structured Solutions groups
  • Structured Capital Markets units
  • Structured Investment teams
  • Special Situations Groups
  • Emerging Market specialisms
Case Study

An investment manager with an excellent track record in the equities space took the view that they would reinvest some of their success into diversifying their platform away from the current business. Having worked with them for many years, they came to us with a mandate that required us to deliver a new business area that allowed them to leverage their current platform whilst, also not interfering with resources or execution.

Because of our intimate knowledge of the clients’ business and strategy we identified key skills, assets and products that with the simple addition of a technical fixed income specialist we were able to apply to a new product suite. This gave our client additional revenue streams and a hedge against any instability in their current market without a huge investment in a new platform. Because our research is updated on a daily basis, across strategies and business lines, we were quickly able to provide the client with a long and short list solution. A team of two was eventually hired and delivered p&l within six months.

From inception to execution we were able to deliver on our clients desire to diversify their platform to an entirely new asset class in just under four months.