Mondrian Alpha’s Front Office Treasury coverage includes the entire alternative investment sphere. Our expertise covers Portfolio Financing, Asset and Liability Management, Risk Management and, tailored, structured arbitrage opportunities from strategic allocation of liquidity.

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Exceptional talent across all asset classes at both junior and senior levels, covering:

  • Head of Treasury
  • Head of Asset and Liability Management
  • Treasury/Collateral Trader
  • Portfolio Finance Trader
Case Study

A highly successful Multi-Billion Dollar Global Macro fund that spun out of one of the larger US Hedge Funds, engaged Mondrian Alpha to develop a new treasury division for the business, in line with asset growth plans and strategy diversification.

Our consultant advised on the best strategy to build out an alpha generating treasury division, recommending 3 hires to efficiently run a treasury portfolio. Through the use of extensive market research and knowledge of various aspects of treasury, a very delicate search was executed within 3 different areas :

Fixed Income Financing Trader to cover the funding of the firmwide portfolios.

Treasury Trader to develop a bond basis portfolio, aiming to seek arbitrage across XCCY basis swap trading whilst optimising liquidity firmwide.

Treasurer to manage risk across all portfolios and to develop an in-house liquidity and financing engine.

By leveraging of our comprehensive research products that cover all three areas, we were able to quickly identify the source groups and draw up a long list. Through detailed conversations with potential candidates on the list we produced an analysis for the client.

The client shortlisted 3 individuals for the financing hire and a further 5 for the treasurer role. Swift turnarounds saw these two roles filled within 1 month of the first longlist submission, after which further detailed analysis narrowed down the wider candidate pool for the sophisticated alpha generating trader role. Buy-side and Sell-side shortlists were elaborated and, the role was filled 2 months later.