Work With Us

Our goal at Mondrian Alpha is to create a collegiate, highly skilled and reliable team. Our business model means that by supporting our client’s front to back across business lines we are supporting each other.

As a culture, we all recognise we have a responsibility to one another to deliver a best in class product to our clients. We think creatively to actively disrupt the market, this applies to our product but also to our structure. Our business doesn’t rely on the historical recruitment practices and process, we approach our product with a fresh eye because we are always seeking to innovate. This has a considerable impact on our internal structure and allows us to recognise and support talent. We also recognise that it’s important to support the strengths of our team members and to deploy them appropriately.

We take a long-term view on our business as well as our client’s so we cultivate our team to provide growth and opportunity which is why we operate a partnership structure which allows us to retain talent across disciplines and business lines.

The team is always looking for talented individuals from a breadth of backgrounds who are interested in joining a diverse, creative and fun environment. We believe the investment we’ve made in our platform and our approach has created a clear roadmap for success

If you are interested please call us on +44203 137 8140 or email