Real Estate

Our practice focuses on identifying and delivering human capital who directly generate revenue or develop new strategies for our buy side client base.

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Real Estate

Our real estate practice targets buy side organisations; institutional investors, SWFs, hedge funds, private equity firms and investment banks. Our practice operates globally.

Our Expertise Covers:

  • Private Equity Acquisitions & Asset Management
  • CRE Finance (Senior, Mezzanine, CMBS)
  • Loan Servicing, Portfolio Management, Restructuring
  • NPL Investment
  • Investment Banking, Advisory, M&A
Case Study

After a successful period of capital raising a UK based real estate debt fund engaged us to find an Originator for a large ticket UK debt mandate. We had previously worked with this client on a hire for an Asset Manager three years prior. Having been successful on the prior mandate the client reengaged us..

This was an interesting opportunity with a lot of dry powder for the successful candidate however, the business was looking to hire nine months into the typical bonus cycle. This could significantly lower the successful candidate’s earnings for the year. From our research we knew that historically this business hired predominantly from the Sell Side. However, they did not have the network to engage or asses the abilities of the current pool of sell side candidates. They required our knowledge of suitable candidates in this space. This is a typical mandate on the Real Estate desk and having successfully completed a mandate a few months prior for another client we were well placed to update them on current team structures and potential candidates for this role from both the sell and buy side.

Initially, the business did not think they could attract someone from the buy side considering the time of year and compensation structure. Through our network and market maps we were able to present the client with suitable buy and sell side candidates. We helped the Client hire an Originator from another debt fund who had executed on a very similar mandate. Acting between both parties we brokered a suitable deal for the candidate to move late in the bonus cycle. The candidate was able to move quickly and help the business deploy the capital.