Cash management/Treasury optimisation

Mondrian covers the non-investment treasury market with research spanning cash management and the operational treasury sphere. Our network is formed of established buy and sell-side treasury experts with broad skillsets, aiding our tailor made client searches to find exactly the right fit for the role, across all strategies.

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Cash Management Specialist – we work with a number of ACT qualified treasurers with extensive cash management expertise, responsible for the FX hedging firmwide as well as being in charge of the establishment and maintenance of all ISDA’s and PB Relationships.

Portfolio Optimisation Specialist – our optimisation experts are highly technical individuals,mainly coming from the PB’s, where extensive experience within balance sheet management leads to well established relationships which are easily leveraged when transitioning to the buy-side.

Collateral Management Specialist – Our collateral managers have expertise that allows funds to drastically cut custodian and administrator costs by bringing in-house a number of margin and collateral related tasks.

Liquidity Risk Management Specialist – Our network of liquidity and risk management treasury experts is formed of buy and sell-side candidates that have a proven track record of establishing frameworks to best align their funds within liquidity and risk parameters, working closely with the front office and compliance.

Treasury Operations Specialist – Mondrian Alpha works with a number of experienced individuals whom have expertise across the operational (settlement, reconciliation and processing) of Treasury/financing trading.

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